Dear Friends,

We have a tough battle ahead. While I am running for the 1st District seat on the Board of County Commissioners, this is a countywide election, meaning we have a lot of ground to cover and a lot of people to convince. That is going to require a lot of fliers, pamphlets and signs.

I was outspent by an incredible margin in 2012, but I still received 20,000 votes and won handily. Can will very likely be outspent again, but we can win again with your help. We estimate we need s total of $10,000.

A contribution from you, today, will go toward advancing a campaign centered on bettering our children's and Calvert County's future. Your donation is an investment in the community we all love.

Any amount would be greatly appreciated and will help. Although the online app below shows a selection of amounts, you can enter any amount you wish

You have my word that I will work as hard as possible to ensure every donated dollar is spent wisely just as as once elected I will fight to do all I can with the county budget!

Thank you for your support,

Please make checks out to:
Friends to Elect Joe Chenelly
12759 Bullet Bend Rd
 Lusby, MD 20657

or contribute online using PayPal or a major credit card...

Help elect Joe Chenelly so he can redirect our school budget back into the classrooms

If you have any questions or need any assistance, call us anytime at (410) 357-1123.

Individuals, corporations, associations and partnerships may contribute up to $4,000 to Friends to Elect Joe Chenelly during the 4-year election cycle (January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2014) and may contribute up to $10,000 in the aggregate to all Maryland candidates for State and local office during the 4-year election cycle. Maryland PACs may contribute up to $6,000 to Friends to Elect Joe Chenelly during the 4-year election cycle, and there is no aggregate limit. Political contributions are not tax deductible.

Authorized by Friends to Elect Joe Chenelly Treasurer Dawn M. Whitt-Chenelly